Case study with BSD Electrical Services

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Garden Lighting Installation in Surrey

Ben from BSD Electrical led a remarkable installation for a dream garden in Surrey. Ben and his team of expert electricians executed the project to the client's delight, enhancing the garden's aesthetics and functionality.

"We love suggesting Hudson Lighting for our high-end projects. The fittings are beautifully discrete, custom to meet all our wonderful unique requests, and the service Chris provides is fantastic. Always on hand to support and deliver."
- Ben, Director, BSD Electrical
Micro Spike Spots Uplighting Parasol Trees

Micro spike spots placed subtly within the planting - uplighting under each parasol.

Custom Path Markers in T Pattern

Custom path markers were made to produce a T-style pattern on the ground.

Multistem Tree Illumination

Multistem tree illumination utilising micro spike spots in black.

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