Case study with Katherine Holland garden design

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The Folio Society’s Reading Room Garden - Chelsea Flower Show 2023

In early 2023, Katherine Holland and Phil Sutton Landscapes approached us to discuss the lighting for Katherine's spectacular garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 2023. Various lighting solutions were explored to enhance the handcrafted cedar blocks in the garden.

After careful consideration, we decided to use micro inset lights recessed within the blocks, which perfectly accentuated the features.

A video filmed during the show captures the garden's enchanting nighttime ambiance.

Chelsea Flower Show 2023 Daytime

During the day, the garden looked absolutely stunning and won a gold award.

Chelsea Flower Show 2023 Nighttime

At night, the lighting effects were truly spectacular, enhancing the garden's beauty.

Detail of Micro Inset Lights in Oak Blocks

Detail of the micro inset lights installed in the oak blocks.

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