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The Savills Plot to Plate Garden - Chelsea Flower Show 2023

In 2022, Mark Gregory from Landform Consultants introduced us to a very special project: The Savills Plot to Plate Garden for the Chelsea Flower Show 2023. The garden was designed with a strong focus on ecological sustainability and exclusively used British-sourced and reclaimed materials.

Video Interviews and Highlights

Mark discusses the garden's design and ecological focus in this short interview.

Mark making some of the custom lights for the project.

Issues during the build - Part 1: Getting the color wrong.

Part 2: Correcting the lights.

Part 3: Final install of the garden.

The garden at night during the Chelsea Flower Show.

Lighting over the BBQ

Lighting over the BBQ area.

Hallway with hand-painted and carefully laid brickwork

Hallway featuring hand-painted details and meticulously laid brickwork.

Dining area where Chelsea pensioners dined

Dining area where Chelsea pensioners dined each day.

Seating area lighting

Around the beautifully illuminated seating area.

Downward spike spot among the planting

Close-up of a downward spike spot among the planting.

Veranda lighting

By the British made veranda.

Logs ready for the fire

The logs ready for the fire, adding warmth to the ambiance.

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