About US

From the founder - Chris Hudson

Previously as an electrician, I had been installing outdoor lighting for prestigious landscape gardening companies for 8 years.

Warranties of the light fittings were always honoured, sometimes resulting in return rates of up to 8 visits within a year; due to spike and ground lights ingressing water. It didn't matter what end of the budget spectrum the fittings were from, the problem persisted.

In 2017, I decided enough was enough. Previously he had created custom fittings for different clients in 2011 (under Hudson Lighting) - still working to this day.

Prototypes were designed and initially, 3D printed and then later machined and tested within gardens - the difference, these fittings are all completely submersible.

Every light fitting is subjected to underwater testing to be sure it's watertight. After this test, we can be sure that the fitting will last within an outdoor environment for years to come.

The lights are manufactured completely in our own workshop in Surrey, England, everything from the turning of stainless steel and aluminum on a lathe to assembling the printed circuit board.

We run the latest Nakamura lathe and are able to accommodate custom requests up to 65mm in diameter and most materials. If you are looking for a custom fitting, please get in touch.

Currently, other than myself, there is Max, Liam, Jordan & Patrick. We've just recently relocated to a much larger premises then we had (still small in comparison to allot of places but huge for us!). We have a show room on site which is being develeoped bit by bit

We have recently begun our 2s lean journey along with Business coaching from RLC (Run like clockwork). You can see updates of that most days on our YouTube channel.

To find out more about the company and to see regular (weekly on YouTube and daily on Instagram) see our Social media page