Hudson Lighting - A sustainability first, Made in Britain business

Hudson Lighting - A sustainability first, Made in Britain business

Posted on 07-02-2024 by Words & Story: Maria Covlea, Concepts: Chris Hudson

A decade ago, I used to work as an electrician and I was often frustrated and enraged by the poor quality of the products I was installing.

I have always prided myself on the quality of my work, so I was often disappointed to receive calls shortly after the installation, informing me that the lights were no longer working after a serious rain. On some occasions, I had to go back multiple times in a year to the same location to fix failing lighting systems.

Initially, I tried switching between brands, attempting to find fittings that wouldn't fail me or my customers. After eight years of working as an electrician and having no luck in finding good quality products, I realised that the old saying "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself" might be true.

That is when Hudson Lighting came to life.

Here, at Hudson Lighting, in Surrey, UK, we produce outdoor lighting. Everything is designed, made, tested and packed in our state-of-the-art facility. We proudly wear the Union Jack on the shoulders of our uniforms, and we are one the few outdoor lighting companies in the UK that can say we are fully Made in Britain.

If you are still considering becoming our customer, here are seven reasons why you should choose us:

1. All our products are fully Made in Britain

In the UK, only 2% of total manufacturers (which amounts to approximately 138K) produce electric equipment. Most of the electric fittings are ordered from China. At Hudson Lighting we are proud to say that we design our orders to specification, all from our facilities in Surrey. All the processes, from turning stainless steel and aluminium on a lathe to assembling the printed circuit board, are completed in Surrey. When you order from us, you know what you getting, and you know where it is coming from, quite a basic thing some might say, but we often hear people having issues with products ordered from overseas.

2. Unmatched quality and faster turnaround

Working as an electrician taught me that good products were almost impossible to find, I realised that not enough testing was done for outdoor fittings and the products were often failing due to wet weather conditions. At Hudson Lighting we don’t just get our products wet, we fully immerse them in the water, guaranteeing long-lasting quality. As a local manufacturer and installer, we are always ready and we can offer a faster turnaround compared to orders coming from overseas.

3. Reduced carbon footprint

When ordering from overseas the carbon footprint associated with the transport is huge. Ordering locally can help all of us keep carbon emissions low and get closer to reaching the climate change targets that humanity depends on. Showing you think and care about sustainability it will also certainly give your business a competitive advantage.

4. We don’t just replace and throw away, we repair!

Another issue I’ve noticed as an electrician, was that when fittings were failing, I often had to remove them and fully replace them as no spare parts were available. We like to be different and more sustainable, championing the repair, don't replace ethos. We produce and supply parts for our fittings which again, contribute to reducing carbon emissions and living in a more sustainable world.

5. Communication

Ordering from a country like China can be all great unless something goes wrong. Navigating language barriers and different time zones can often put extra stress on businesses. This issue is fully avoided when ordering from Hudson Lighting.

6. We need to support the British economy, now more than ever!

The British economy has been struggling after the devastating effects of the pandemic and Brexit. Buying British-made products strengthens our economy and helps us employ and pay people who live in the UK.

7. Building trustworthiness through transparency: Visit us!

If you would like to see where our products are made and how they are made we are inviting you to visit us. Our door is always open and we would love to show where the magic happens. We are completely transparent about our production and we enjoy having people over. So why not give us a call on 020 8108 0336 and book a visit?