Eyelid light

The eyelid light is perfect for siting in walls and staircases. It's very low glare with a great downwards light output and aesthetic. 62mm in diameter with a 25mm cut out.

Specifcation sheet: /specification_sheets/Eyelid light specification.pdf

SketchUp 3D: /sketchup/Hudson lighting eyelid light.skp

Image Pack: /image_packs/hudson-ligthing-recessed-eyelid-image-pack.zip

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100m of 2 core 0.5mm PVC flex

This is the same British made cable we use on all of our lights. It's 0.5mm 2 core. Rated at -40C to 105C. Black outer jacket with Red and black interior cores.

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108 WISKA box in black

German made outdoor enclosure. Perfect for making connections to each light and the feed cables. 76 x 76 x 51 mm. IP66

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20W 350mA Driver

Non dimmable 350mA fixed current driver. Compatible with all of our light fittings. Minimum load 0.5W.

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